Cooking with TPACK

This is the cooking with TPACK video.  It demonstrates that we can always work with the resources that are given to us, even if they aren’t ideal.  I really enjoyed making the video, and I will always learn to work around the obstacles when teaching such as a lack of resources.

Hope you all enjoy it!


EDU451 Reflection

In my EDU451 technology class, I have learned a tremendous amount of information on how to incorporate technology in the classroom, and maintain a 21st century classroom.  We have learned about various games, tools, and strategies to implement in teaching.  This will allow me to maintain an innovative and entertaining class, all while informing my students to the best of my abilities.

A vital piece of information that I valued in this class is how to facilitate learning in the classroom through the use of technology.  We are constantly changing, updating, and inventing new types of technology.  Everyone is surrounded by technology. In a society where there is such a high demand to use technology, this is great to add to one’s repertoire of enhancing the youths’ knowledge. My favorite thing about technology in the classroom is how to get children excited about exercising, enthusiastic about being healthy, and entertaining and informing them all at the same time.

6 words to describe this class: Technological, Entertaining, Informative, Interactive, Insightful, Educational

Teaching in the future

Since there is such a demand for technology in the classroom by implementing plans and programs to use laptops, smartboards, games and various other resources, classes will look incredibly different in the future.  There is a constant desire for a 21st century classroom. This new form of education can get children excited, enthusiastic, and motivated about learning.  This can also accommodate to specific learning styles.  Technology can be an innovative form of differentiation, because there is a variety of different ways that technology can be used and facilitated.  There will probably be a greater use of social media in classes in the future.

Youth and adolescents are immersed in technology, and it is something that they truly use and enjoy. If we can merge the two ideas of informative and entertaining learning, we can set a blueprint for an inventive type of learning that can change the course of education.

Daily personal technology usage

I must say that I use technology on a daily basis, and several times a day.  It is normally the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. I use social media such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and others.  I follow several different educational sites on Twitter, especially ones that pertain to technology in the classroom, as well as physical education Twitter pages. This is to stay up to date on the latest articles, activities, and ideas from other educators. I do this to stay educated constantly.  I always look at articles about health, fitness, and physical education.  Thanks to my EDU 451 class, we emphasize technology in the classroom, which is tremendously helpful and allows me to understand how to use technology in my classroom.  I can use exergames such as the Nintendo Wii, as well as the Xbox Kinect in order to get kids excited about exercising.

I think technology is extremely crucial in our society.  Technology is necessary to stay updated and involved in our society, and through constant education, the use of technology, and incorporation of technology in our classrooms, we can be the best teachers possible. This can allow our students to get the best education possible.

Should students be friends with teachers on Facebook

Teachers should not be friends with students on Facebook.  Any type of social media, especially in today’s society, could cause problems for teachers.

Teachers impact students daily, and often time teachers see the students more than the parents during the day.  Educators play a crucial role in the lives of students.  If a teacher puts up a video on their personal Facebook, that should not be a problem if it is private.  Teachers being friends with students and putting up videos, sharing pictures, etc., could impact a child in a negative way.  Personally, I only post Bible verses and live a pretty “PG” life. Others, however, share way too much personal information and share things that are a little touchy.  If a child has become friends with a teacher and a teacher puts those kinds of things on their page, it can influence those children a certain way.

Student teacher relationships should remain professional. When adding a student, it takes away the formal, professional relationship.  Teachers can lose their credibility, respect, and reputation when adding students on Facebook. They can cross barriers, as well as boundaries and push the envelope in their new friendship.  When befriending a student on Facebook, it can also change the entire dynamic of that relationship.  Students can just want to be friends, instead of showing respect to the teacher. They think that something has changed just because they see a notification of a new friend. Teachers also need to be wary of students because they can get wrongfully accused of things, or things can be misconstrued on the internet.

All in all, student teacher relationships should stay in the classroom.  The only other excuse should be extracurricular/ school events, or emails.

Learning and Understanding

Learning and understanding are two separate concepts. They coincide with one another. Learning is the act of acquiring new information, while trying to understand. Understanding is the comprehension of that information being processed. One is unable to learn if one does not cognitively grasp the information that one is focused on.
There are several ways that people learn and interpret information. Some people learn kinesthetically, through movement. My mother is a very kinesthetic learner, and requires so much movement in order to learn and understand to her full capabilities. However, I am a completely auditory learner. I learn best and process information better when I hear someone present it to me. I also learn better while listening to music. Some people learn better linguistically, and others learn better aurally. It is amazing to see how different people learn, understand and develop cognitively.

With the advancements in technology, not only has our learning progressed, but our understanding has as well. There are various forms of technology that we are able to take advantage of in order to learn and understand ideas and concepts. Technology not only helps people if they want to learn, but it helps with differentiation. As I stated previously, people learn completely differently from one another, which makes everyone unique to learning and understanding. When using technology, this caters to everyone’s specific needs in gathering information and gaining proficiency in understanding the information that they have studied.

Games do have place in the classroom?

Games should definitely have a place in classrooms throughout our country.  We live in a technologically savvy and technologically demanding society.  Gaming in classroom can happen through many different avenues, whether it be a video game, interactive game, or exergame.  Through these various types games, we can implement differentiation in our classrooms.

Each and every student learns, develops, and progresses at different rates. These different games can not only take that into consideration by offering different levels of difficulty, but they can also give you a variety of options when choosing the game you partake in.  This meets the needs of every child and can cater to the necessities of the child, while using differentiation.

Many classroom teachers, from primary to secondary school, can use study island, are incorporating laptops in the classroom, as well as using canvas at the secondary school level. The different games can be convenient, fun, exciting, motivating to the students, and successful in the classrooms.  It is a different form of education that is not so monotonous and methodical.

I am pursuing a degree in Health and Physical Education, and I believe that exergames, (games that incorporate exercising,) could possibly get children enthusiastic about learning and exercising.  Games such as Wii fitness, Just Dance, and many others can offer students other ways to engage in physical activity, and increase their heart rate, all while enjoying themselves.  Technology plays a crucial role in society, and I believe it is vital to the success of the students, as well as the classroom.